About Us

LFBC was established in 1984 in Singapore aiming to provide beauty and hair care services with ultimate quality and professionalism. It has successfully treated men and women, including medical doctors, of various skin ailments. In some cases, it was the recourse of last resort for people who eventually found that their seemingly untreated condition can be cured by LFBC. This is due to its years of extensive research on skin and skin care products. It is able to diagnose very precisely any facial skin problems and advocate the right treatment for successful healing. LFBC went on to become one of the leaders in the beauty world and is now in its 30th year of operation and still leading. LFBC prime principle is to practice honesty and sincerity to their valued customers. With this progressive attitude in mind, it is relentlessly working to come out with more skin care solutions and also discover more about the skin's reaction towards the environmental aggressions as well as to medication, food, skin care products etc.
LFBC's sincerity and integrity have been the hallmarks for its continued and sustainable success over the past 30 years. LFBC services are widely advertised on television, radio, magazines and various newspapers. The company regularly participates in beauty and wellness exhibitions. LFBC has achieved great success in curing most facial and skin problems receiving many accolades including The Successful Business Entrepreneur award. It is now virtually a household name in the beauty world. As the founder and CEO of Lady Fair Beauty Centre, Miss Bhamah, also a qualified aest tician trained in UK, Paris & Italy has done extensive research on skin and is able to diagnose any facial skin problems very precisely. Lady Fair Beauty Centre had sponsored Miss Indian Worldwide Beauty Pageant in the mid 1990s. Miss Bhamah has also been a judge for numerous Beauty Pageants, given lectures on skin's anatomy, physiology, histology and diseases in Universities, Polytechnics, clubs etc. Lady Fair Beauty Centre services are widely advertised on Television, Radio, Magazines and , various Newspapers. The company regularly participates in beauty and wellness exhibitions. After achieving great success in curing most facial skin problems, Lady Fair Beauty Centre was awarded the Successful Business Entrepreneur in 2009. Lady Fair is now a household name locally.

Our Vision

Visioning Exercise

A visioning exercise was conducted to bring to the surface the Vision, Mission and Core Values of Lady Fair Beauty business. The vision, mission and core values was developed with substantial input from Madam Bama the founder, leader and the driver of the business since its commencement over 30 years ago.


  • To be the choice for trusted beauty care advice, treatments, products and services Mission
  • To continue being a caring and socially responsible beauty care specialist that aim to educate and improve the sustainable beauty and wellness of our clients, partners and stake holders, while sustaining viable operation even though the intensity in the competitive landscape pushes business to adopt unhealthy and insincere practices.

Core Values

  • Provide beauty & wellness advice, treatments, products and services that are in the best interest of those seeking our professional services.
  • Educate our clients to ensure they make informed choices.
  • Ensure our practices and standards are consistent in delivery throughout all markets in which we operate.
  • Enhance the value and return on investment through corporation and sincere business practices with all our stake holders. Continuously look for new markets and innovative approaches to grow our business and services and add value to our stakeholders while remaining true to our values and sincere approaches.